About Us

About Royal Restrooms

Royal Restrooms of Florida did not start life as a industry-leading company. David Sauers was looking for a way to improve the portable toilet situation at festivals after having a disastrous experience with his two young daughters. This is something, we feel that most reading this from Florida can understand, when they've attended events in the past.

He teamed up with Robert Glisson, an expert engineer and history was made.

The company and their portable showers and toilets have transformed the experience people throughout Florida have had at various events, such as weddings and festivals. When organizers have invested in their luxurious and clean ports-potties, it is like bringing home comforts to the outside world.

From Our Founder, David Sauers

For the 31 years previous to taking on the challenge of portable restrooms, I was in the commercial real estate sector. Although my career was extremely rewarding, it was also boring and tedious after spending so long at the same thing. I was after a change, something to sink my teeth into.

In 2004 I founded Royal Restrooms . Rather than having to sell myself, I felt a real surge of energy faced with the prospects of selling a product I had a passion for and knew that people needed.

Above all else, I love the fact that I get to provide a solution to people's problems - they want a convenient way to bring the indoor comforts of toilet and shower amenities to the outdoors. It gives me great pleasure knowing that we receive such positive feedback and often from grumpy Father-of-the-Brides because our products became major talking points at their daughters’ weddings!