Platinum Restroom Trailers

Platinum Restroom Trailers

If you are planning a Tampa, Orlando or beautiful Miami beach wedding and are looking for something a bit more sophisticated and luxurious than the average port a potty restroom; we would recommend to you out Platinum Restroom trailers.

We pride ourselves in having already extremely comfortable and clean products and services, but with the platinum range of our trailers, we have upped the opulence even more with hardwood flooring and oak woodwork throughout. They really are the portable restrooms gold standard.

We have two options available in the platinum range - two-stall and three-stall restroom trailers. So whether you are hosting a black-tie function for charity, a wedding or business/corporate event, you need to consider our facilities.

With the two-stall trailers you get a men's section with a urinal, toilet and sink and female section with a toiler and sink. While the three-stall variety houses a men's section consisting of a urinal, a toilet and sink and a female section that houses two toilets and a sink.

The main features, along with the premium quality decor and furnishings includes:

  • Porcelain toilets with working flushes
  • Sinks with working taps and running water
  • Large mirrors and vanities
  • Soap and hand towels
  • Heating or air conditioning
  • Comfortable and bright interior lighting
  • Low-level, but practical exterior lighting
  • Lights indicating whether stalls are occupied or not
  • Stereo CD to set the right ambiance of your event
  • Home comforts such as pictures, rugs and flowers
  • Our delicious Royal Restrooms of Florida mints

Our units are available to rent daily, weekly and for more long-term contracts. Contact us and we will give you a quote and discuss availability.

Unit Dimensions (Two-Stall)
Length: 16' 6" (including trailer tongue)
Width: 12' (with stairs down)
Height: 10' 6" (ground to top of A/C unit)

Unit Dimensions (Three-Stall)
Length: 20' (including trailer tongue)
Width: 12' (with stairs down)
Height: 10' 6" (ground to top of A/C unit)

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